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Imagine Roadside Assistance for your Computer
Now stop imagining...
With membership plans starting from $110/year up to our premium Business Package that includes your own website for $690/year. Just Call us (toll free) on 1300 611 748 and let us take care of your IT hassles today

The biggest battle you face is building confidence in your brand.
Displaying the 1choice Certified Seal represents a commitment to quality which is easily recognized.

Certification costs just $550/year and you can take a pre-certification check to see if you qualify for just $110

1Choice help - computer, pc and mac


Top tip

Before buying a printer, look at what you are using it for and check the duty cycle of the printer as well as the size and type of end result you want...

Why? - There is no point using a printer designed to print 2000 pages a month to print off a four-page newsletter for 5000 people.

For other tips, go to our members-only tip forum by Clicking HERE.


Desk-side Assistance

Just because you get a free Technology Audit as a Gold member, doesn't mean you can't use this as credit for another service. We are here to help you after all, so here is a suggestion:

Use your Free Audit as credit for a computer version of Road-Side Assistance, made famous by the many car clubs and motoring bodies.

We will come to you, or talk you through a problem over the phone if you're in a remote area in order to get your computer 'back on the road.

You don't have to call during business hours either - Simply say "Urgent" at the beginning of your message on our after hours message service and you will get a call back from one of our staff who will help you get through your computer disaster.


Don't forget our number!

1300 611 748 If you have any problems at all, please don't hesitate to call us on our toll-free number. It is a local call from most locations in Australia


Groups and charities

Although our main focus is helping our subscribers, the reason we started 1choice was to show that it can be profitable to give back to the community.

If you are a member of a charity or community group, be aware that we give discounts on all of our services as well as free advertising in our newsletter. Click HERE for more information


"Thank you to Lisa, Trent and the whole team at 1choice. I had been burnt before and you sat down and showed me how I could save money straight away while getting my website running better."

Hellen Grove

"I had no idea I was wasting so much money. Thanks for saving me hundreds each month."

Gary Webber

"My jaw dropped when I saw that I was paying for local web hosting but they were based in the USA!. Now I'm getting what I pay for."

David Wren