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Broadband for everyone

As regular readers will know, we asked about the timeline for the National broadband network if the ALP got in... so where are we now? How many of the problems that you pointed out have come to pass? Would you like to have your say?

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Is VoIP right for me?

It's all well and good to grab the latest technology and apply it to your business, but how do you know if it's right for you? Don't jump into VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) isn't perfect. VoIP isn't suitable a in an emergency VoIP WILL save you money if used correctly, providing you have the best information at hand.

VoIP typically is charged at a flat rate, with no flagfalls to be added to your phone bill and with sound quality that's improving all the time. Unfortunately, because it depends on the Internet to work, if you don't have an Internet connection due to a problem with your ISP, or in the case of Dial-Up Internet users, your session has timed out, you can't make a call. Period.

For this and many other reasons, it's important to 'marry' your VoIP service to a reliable ISP that is compatible with your VoIP solution. Which provider is best for you? Click HERE for the Members section for more


Communication and email

One of our most popular services is the Technology Audit. Often subscribers ask for our independent evaluation of their web site, from how it looks to how it works

Of the last thirty or so web sites, we've noticed a trend is developing... Don't expect them to be mind readers

Business websites seem to be happy to put their email address for all to see (along with every SPAM Bot on the planet) yet forgetting to place their phone number prominently throughout their site, when they want to steer as much communication through to their phone staff.

Don't worry if this sounds like your website, chances are it's your website guru that has let you down... and we are happy to refer you to any number of prefessional developers who will help you get your website back on the road and earning its keep.

You need to have a communication strategy that makes sense and here are two tips to do so:

(1) Make sure your email contact details are clear AND protected. This means that your email address needs to use SPAM protection features such as a contact form or scripting to protect you from SPAM while remaining accessible to the real people using your web site.

(2) Make sure your phone number is prominent if that is the preferred method you wish people to use. Put it on every page in this case. Click here for more tips in our members-only section.


Don't put your Communication Eggs in One Basket

Faxing, emails, phone calls - are you getting the best deal you can?

With all the Phone+Internet Bundle plans out there; you need to consider this before signing up, especially to a long contract.
Keeping your phone and Internet with the same provider will likely not help you due to a number of factors, here are two:

1- Issues with one company could cause you can lose your phone and Internet at once. Whether this is caused by an accounting error or a technical problem - having all your communication eggs in one basket can be dangerous to the health of your business!

2- Sometimes it pays to have a specialist. Specialists do one or two things exceptionally. Why not choose the right company for the right job?

Did you know with OneBill, you can have many different providers, but just One Monthly Bill?

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