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With membership plans starting from $110/year up to our premium Business Package that includes your own website for $690/year. Just Call us (toll free) on 1300 611 748 and let us take care of your IT hassles today

The biggest battle you face is building confidence in your brand.
Displaying the 1choice Certified Seal represents a commitment to quality which is easily recognized.

Certification costs just $550/year and you can take a pre-certification check to see if you qualify for just $110

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Domain name

It's still hard to believe that there are websites charging $140 for domain names with all the competition out there. Read more



Remember : Half of all profits made from non-member sales go into a 'Saving Pool' to fund subsidised services for the exclusive use of 1choice Members.

Have your say in 1choice decisions. Leasing a seat on the 1choice board.

You get:

  1. * You become one of the 12 public "board" members responsible for making final decisions on how the 'Saving Pool' funds are allocated to services available to others.
  2. * Details of other services available free of cost to Associate Members are only available on application.

Price: $2500.00 -> $2200.00 p.a. Quantity Available: 0


"Thank you to Lisa, Trent and the whole team at 1choice. I had been burnt before and you sat down and showed me how I could save money straight away while getting my website running better."

Hellen Grove

"I had no idea I was wasting so much money. Thanks for saving me hundreds each month."

Gary Webber

"My jaw dropped when I saw that I was paying for local web hosting but they were based in the USA!. Now I'm getting what I pay for."

David Wren